8’46” (movement for healing) for BareBones 2020

For Offerings: BareBones 2020 I have created and performed 8’46” (Movement for Healing) with soundscape by Sho Nikaido, a site specific Butoh pieces along the Lake Street from former Migizi site off Hiawatha Ave to Robert’s Shoes Annex on Chicago/East Lake Street.

one of the videos here

Thank you to Sho for this precious documentation.

Our effort was recognized by Sheila Regan, StarTribune’s 20 who met the challenges in 2020, part of Artists of the Year

Article here

Also please visit the BareBones website for many amazing artists works by Baki Z. Porter, Rox Anderson + Chaim Budenosky, Graci Horne, Ifrah Mansour, Kallie Melvin, Karly Gesine Bergmann, and Oahn Vu to name a few; and video, including 8’46” (Movement for Healing) edited by Paul Irmiter

website here

It was a culmination of my concerns/meditations/works of 2020, after the murder of George Floyd and following racial injustice protests. It started with visiting at the sanctuary (George Floyd Square) at 38th/Chicago; followed by visits/prayers at North Minneapolis, Healing the Heart of the City organized by Don and Sondra Samuels, 20 consecutive days. Then, it continued for Pangea World Theater’s Lake Street Story Circles, Make A Sanctuary of Me with Molly Van Avery, this late summer. Without these events and soul searching I would not be able to offer 8’ 46” (Movement for Healing). And of course, gratitude to Harry’s phone call for encouraging me applying for BareBones, and Lelis and Harry’s guidance for our offerings. The river continues to flow, and I will keep working the work.

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December 31, 2020

Photo by Paul Irmiter
Photo by Paul Irmiter