Plays & Butoh

Rosy Simas Danse Three Thirty One Residency w/ Sho Nikaido

Buffalo show winter solstice at Bryant Lake Bowl Theater

Lost and Found by Wonderlust Productions

photo taken by Valerie Oliveiro

MERGE: Chitra Vairavan + Valerie Oliveiro

ANAMNESIS by The Moving Company

8’46” for Beyond Wednesday series

Cabbage 4 Ways at Walker Art Center

Photo by Paul Irmiter

8’46” (movement for healing) for BareBones 2020

Brown Paper, photo by Paula Keller

Brown Paper for McKnight Theater Artist WIP

Butoh X celica

Butoh X Celica at Bryant Lake Bowl


Puppet Cabaret: Valentines Edition

Photo by Bruce Silcox

Little Boy for National Theater Project

A photo from Montreal residency

Every Other

Photo by Deb Ervin

May Your World be… for Puppet Cabaret


Throw Open The Heavy Curtain

Masanari Kawahara

McKnight Theatre Artist Fellowship

Photo by Annie Galloway

Speechless 2018

Photo by Bruce Silcox

Isla Tuliro

Photo by George Bryon Griffiths

The Great Divide II

Photo by Bruce Silcox

make believe neighborhood

speechless at the lab theater

Speechless MOCO

Scene from SOY story, photo by Rich Ryan

Immigrant Journey Project

Photo by Bruce Silcox, Momoko Tanno as Mitsu and Masanari Kawahara as Taro Yashima

(Return of) The Story of Crow Boy 2017-2018

godzilla head by Masanari Kawahara

March Puppet Cabaret

Music Animated Poster

Music Animated

Photo by Dan Norman

The Oldest Boy

Laurie Carlos and the cast of Queen, photo by Bruce Silcox


The Children

The Children



Photo by Bruce Silcox

Conference of the Birds


Odori-ba / dancing places

Masanari Kawahara in Crow Boy

The Story of Crow Boy

HOBT Puppet Cabaret 2016

Puppet Cabaret 2016


Nenkin Jam Vol.6: LIFE/Dismantled


Sage Award for Nenkin Butoh Dan


Little Boy by Masanari Kawahara

Masanari Kawahara as Little Boy

Little Boy (work-in-progress)

bodhi puppet by Masanari Kawahara

Bodhi Show




a performance of HIROSHIMA at the Playwrights’ Center

little shop of horrors at mu performing arts

Little Shop of Horrors by Mu Performing Arts

Photographs documenting Artery Twentyten

The End of Days: Experimental Butoh Performance

HIROSHIMA is written and performed by Masanari Kawahara Directed by Molly Van Avery Performed at Pangea World Theater

HIROSHIMA by Masanari Kawahara

Gwacheon Dreams

Gwacheon Dreams

mesujika doe

Mesujika DOE

masanari kawahara & bart buch - lantern for father patrick

Peace Day Lantern Ceremony


A Path Home: A Story of Thich Nhat Hanh

gotama by masanari kawahara

Gotama: A Journey to the Buddha

godzilla by Masanari Kawahara

GOJIRA! (Godzilla)