GOJIRA! (Godzilla)

Based on the masterpiece movie, Gojira (1954), Gojira, Masanari created a solo puppet show – funny, poignant, yet faithful to the message of the movie: horror of nuclear warfare and hope to eliminate all the nuclear weapons from the earth.

This table top show, utilizing a hand cranked subtitle device (since it was all in Japanese), highly physical performance,  is a very entertaining show for young and old.

Originally, it was created through Michael Sommers’ puppet workshops through In the Heart of the Beast Theatre, and first performed at Sky Is Blue Cabaret (2004, organized by Masanari ).

GOJIRA! was also performed at Patrick’s cabaret and at Center for Independent Artist between 2004 to 2006.

I am thinking about re-working as the final version with a director (one and only Molly Van Avery?) sometime in 2017…


godzilla by Masanari Kawahara