Little Boy for National Theater Project

I was honored to present that Little Boy (2014)  in part at the National Theater Project Regional Convening Twin Cities on Sunday, December 2, 2018 at El Nuevo Rodeo.

This event was presented by The New England Foundation For The Arts and Pangea World Theater.

Little Boy was originally created as part of Pangea World Theater’s Alternate Visions Series and directecd by Molly Van Avery.

It was a wonderful conference with insightful presentations and some attempt for dialogues on important and difficult subjects such as racial  inequity on funding in theater.

Artists who were present, a partial list:

Quita Sullivan, Sharon Day, Seena Hodges, Carlyle Brown, Curtis Kirby, Meena Natarajan, Laverne Seifert, Sandy Spieler, Open Flame Theatre, Sarah Bellamy, Aleta Little, Dipankar Mukherjee, Eleanor Savage, Seitu Jones, Ricardo Levin Morales, and Shá Cage.

— Masa

Photo by Bruce Silcox
Photo by Bruce Silcox