Lost and Found by Wonderlust Productions

Photos by Wonderlust Productions








Lost and Found  

processional performance of storytelling, ritual and remembrance

by Wonderlust Productions

Aug 19 — Sept 4, 2022

at Raspberry Island, St. Paul MN


What if

This island is a portal

These trees are waiting for you

This water can receive your sorrow.

What if

You’ve already been here, and

Singing our loss out together

Is simply returning home?


It was a wonderful experimentation/ritual created by the artists—Antonio Duke, Laurel Armstrong, Marcela Michelle, Masanari Kawahara; led by Ernest Briggs, Yana Landowne, Megan Kim, Adam Whisner, Sophie Javna and Andrea Gross for costumes; directed, gently, by Leah Cooper

More info from Wonderlust Productions’ website here

Thank you to Wonderlust Productions for their vision and courage to experiment, and the audience to be willing to participate in this ritual.

— Masanari, October 2022