A photo from Montreal residency

Every Other

Photo by Deb Ervin

May Your World be… for Puppet Cabaret


Throw Open The Heavy Curtain

Masanari Kawahara

McKnight Theatre Artist Fellowship

Photo by Annie Galloway

Speechless 2018

Photo by Bruce Silcox

Isla Tuliro

Photo by George Bryon Griffiths

The Great Divide II

Photo by Bruce Silcox

make believe neighborhood

speechless at the lab theater

Speechless MOCO

Scene from SOY story, photo by Rich Ryan

Immigrant Journey Project

Photo by Bruce Silcox, Momoko Tanno as Mitsu and Masanari Kawahara as Taro Yashima

(Return of) The Story of Crow Boy 2017-2018

godzilla head by Masanari Kawahara

March Puppet Cabaret