Speechless 2018

May 10 – June 10, 2018 at The Lab Theater.

We have finished the amazing run of Speechless. Thank you to those who made it to the show.
I will miss this show.

The 2018 run of the show was particularly memorable as I got to share the stage with Dominique, and every night was an adventure so to speak.

I hope to work with The Moving Company again sooner than later.

This rendition of Speechless featuring: Heidi Bakke, Masanari Kawahara, Nathan Keepers, Camille Chong Yuanya Horstmann and Dominique Serrand.

— Masa

Speechless was named by Star Tribune ‘Best Show of 2017.’

more information at The Moving Company website here.

review by Jay Gabler of CityPages here

It’s a beautiful, funny and poignant show, and hope you will join us this time or come back again! — masa

Photo by Annie Galloway
Photo by Annie Galloway