The Story of Crow Boy

Thank you for coming to see this beautiful show.  I had a wonderful time sharing Yashima’s story, and working with amazing team and the great cast.  The show might come back in the not so distant future. Till then…

Also the show was chosen as one of Graydon Royce’s 10 favorite shows of 2016 here.



Created by Masanari Kawahara, Sandy Spieler, Steven Epp and Momoko Tanno.

THE STORY OF CROW BOY explores the intriguing life story of Taro Yashima who wrestled with human brutality, racial discrimination, and the ravages of WWII to build work of social conscience, compassionate insight, poetic visual form, and ultimately – of joy. Yashima reminds us what it means to be human, and offers understanding into the complexities of cultural survival. This production draws on his autobiographical and fictional books including the Caldecott Honor Award-winning CROW BOY (1956) about a young boy who learns to sing the “voices of crows” in defiance of his years of being bullied.

February 18 – 28, 2016

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Masanari Kawahara in Crow Boy
A WIP picture taken by Daniel Polsfuss

A scene of Mitsu and Taro puppets puppeteerd by Momoko Tanno and Masanari Kawahara. Taken by Bruece Silcox